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Biking in the Rain



When we look deeply through the stream of rainfall... What we see is the hundreds of white dash lines, all other things are faded away in black colors ... the heat of road surface contacts with the cold rainfall, it gives the little foggy ground.. The afternoon light enhances to this view... All of this need to use particular exposure... It was lucky I could use this exposure within time with this frame.. Normally I take colorful photos but I am pleased to take this mood of almost black and white sometimes.


A woman biked by in much in hurry... How poetic I love the moment....


It was one of my most afternoon delight in Sweden


(added) For people who may wonder how I say I use particular xposure while I use P (program) mode not M (manual) mode.. It's because I want to capture the mood fast enough so I dont use M.. it take much time... I play some tricks by using "P mode" but use spot area exposure... so it could measure the light in particualr point... faster than M mode and also if I measure the spot light somewhere not in center / focus point I measure the light to that point but I use exposure lock (either AE lock or half pressed shutter lock depending on camera).. This way is the way the light measuring is very precise and get strong color... Normally I often play with composition and feeling of photos .. .. Sorry for the one who known well... I use manual mode very occasionally... in case the techniques above could not serve me... I know how to operate manual as I used to use full manual camera.. but I saw disadvantage I could not capture the feeling and story fast enough, something happens just few seconds ..So I use P mode with understanding of M Mode so that I could have time to contribute to capture the emotional atmpospheric scenes.. ... Even I now have real DSLR Nikon D5000 with 18-200 Nikkor lens.. I still continue to use P mode for sure.. to save time from 6 settings i.e: speed, f-stop, focus, tele/zoom, composition, moods to only 4 settings focus, tele/zoom, composition, moods..




Aug 2009


{ I still run out of time as I will travel to Laos from 29 Nov - Dec 11 2009 (training course) and will go to Nepal from 28 Dec 2009 - 11 Jan 2010 (exploring the world) ... Inbetween those times I have to manage time to finish work and preparate for the trips. I may not appear in Flickr continously and sorry to not respond well to contacts.. I think I will have more time on Flickr ater mid of Jan 2010.... Thank you for visiting}

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Taken on August 18, 2009