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Amazing Thailand



From November to December it is the season of sunflower blooming. Not far from Bangkok, there is lots of sunflower fields blooming alomst the same time.

Driving and expecting so we found the first sunflower field was so beautiful and stunning with cheerful yellow field, mountain background and lively elephants and people.


As blooming time is not long so it is golden time too. Those elephants added so much the joy in the field. They walk happily in the field. Thai people are familiar with elephant.


The elephant I sat on is 20 years old female elephant called "ลมโชย" or "Breezing Wind". She walked and stopped here and there several times to grasp grass for eating. We was happy as she was happy walking carrying three of us and one owner of hers. We fed her with sugarcane some minutes before we decided to have elephant walk with her. So she may remembered us. The owner didn't push her to walk faster though he could earn more money. I asked why and the owner said let her be happy.. and I was so happy to hear that, otherwise I could pay more for more time.


It was bright day, sunny with cloud shadow so the weather was all day comfortable.

I heard happy talks and saw happy smiles all around in those happy colors of flowery field.. Just another one fine day.



There is a small road withiin the field so people and elephant could walk without flattening the flowers..There is a temporary tower using as platform for elephant onbard : )))) so we can took location like this but Ithis shot actually took when I was sitting on elephant.. when she walked the world just incline in each step so photo comes like that...


Road from Saraburi rovince - Pattanana nikom

Lopburi, Thailand

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Taken on November 18, 2007