3d pan white

A dark and stormy night

Look at that sky! I love the blue colors fading in and out, looking so deep and foreboding.


I tried at least ten different angles from Beacon Hill, and I think I ended up freaking out some of the hospital people with my circling like a buzzard looking for a kill. I got lucky at last and found the Beacon Hill dog park about five minutes before the whole sky went black. I literally ran down the hill through the gate, hoping the trees would break up enough for me to get a good view. I almost ended up on my butt in the mud (there's a really nasty sort of bog down there), and my Danskos were covered with thick, thick brown sludge. But I did get my shot!


This is somewhat of a legendary moment for me. I've been in love with Beacon Hill since I accidentally found it on my second trip to Seattle. I simple adore the Seattle skyline from this angle. It looks other-worldly, like a science fiction city. In the dark, it just glows. It's magic. Before I had a nice camera and knew about long exposure shots, I craved being able to bring home a shot like this. Finally, I did. I'm super happy. :-)


(large is my favorite, give it a shot)


Digital Rebel - 30-second exposure


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Taken on March 16, 2007