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Another Federal Offense

Nathan and I went in search of a waterfall near Cherry Grove yesterday, and were thwarted by a couple of closed forestry trails. We'll have to try from another angle. Still wanting a good hike, we went up to the trail leading to Lee and Haines Falls, which we visited this summer in blinding heat. We had to walk back by moonlight this time (aww shucks), but I finally got some shots of Haines Falls without the glare of summer sun. Oh, such a pretty waterfall!


It's mystifying why you have to bend the federal law to go here (mainly by avoiding a tall barbed wire fence labeled with "Warning! Federal Offense to pass!" and hitting the creek instead). Perhaps it would be harder than it looks to fence the reservoir rather than the entire road, but it's a damn shame to put this behind barbed wire. I was able to wiggle up above the falls this time, and the view is lovely. The cove this is tucked into has some beautiful detail to the walls.


I'm particularly fond of the lacy foam along the bottom right of the picture.


15-second exposure - Hoya Moose Polarizer/Warming Filter

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Taken on December 6, 2008