A-KON 19
A-Kon 19 is an anime convention that is held regularily in Dallas, Texas usually during the first week of June.

Despite the fact that security was severe assholes this year and hassled many photographers this year, we managed to have an enjoyable time.

I felt bad for one particular security member who was hassled by another who brought along 5 of his friends to toughguy him when he made a comment about his wife's collar by asking if she was a furry. Well from what people told me, it was some kinda "sex slave" thing and he got all pissed off because she was offended. I say lay off the roids and quit hassling volunteers.

This year, J-Rock band Versailles played and visitors were invited to meet Nabeshin, the creator of anime such as Excel Saga.

Apparently someone lit a pool on fire and someone pepper sprayed a hallway. Our parking garage looked, felt and smelled like Silent Hill so as we were leaving the fire alarms went off. Perfect. I hear someone even took a Pyramid Head down there to photograph.

I'll definitely be back next year.
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