Mannerheim's Hipster PDA

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    Ever ahead of his time, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim comes up with the Hipster PDA way before anyone else. 1930's maybe...

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    1. lorelei 115 months ago | reply

      thomas jefferson had a version that he used which i think would have been earlier (his term was 1801-1809)

    2. arabella 115 months ago | reply

      I just noticed this has been viewed an obscene number of times! Can someone mention where they saw this from?

    3. hfb 115 months ago | reply

      I wonder how long before the hipster Egyptian papyrus scroll fad comes along. Just think how cool it would be to sit in Starbucks sucking on your latte with a scroll instead of some boring moleskine or stack of index cards with a cheap binder clip.

    4. hfb 115 months ago | reply

      Interesting to note that his journal is in Swedish which might indicate that the journal is from before 1917.

    5. arabella 115 months ago | reply

      The 1930's bit was just a guess, actually. i'll have to go take another looksee to check when he wrote it - maybe they'll let me riffle through it :D

    6. parelle 115 months ago | reply

      I saw this on 43Folders :)

      As for Jefferson's Hipster PDA, you can buy your very own here:

      The temptation to buy this... is there.

    7. Grobstein 115 months ago | reply

      Does this say, "I hate central Asians," on it?

    8. arabella 115 months ago | reply

      Grobstein, unless it looks & spells exactly the same in Swedish as it does in English, I seriously doubt it says "I hate central Asians".

    9. Jams O'Donnell 115 months ago | reply

      75 bucks for the Jefferson version seems to go a bit against the spirit of Hipster PDA

    10. man9 115 months ago | reply

      Sorry folks, the last lines are "använd i central asien", "use in central asia".

    11. jtunkelo 77 months ago | reply

      "använd i hela central asien", "use in the whole of central asia" ... interesting, could this be dated before his big Asian voyage?

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