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Day 171 - Days swiftly come and go I'm dreaming of her. She's seeing other guys Emotions they stir

Finally !


16th photo in my phobia series Barophobia- Fear of gravity.


I took one look at this thought of 'Swing swing by The All American Rejects'

It reminds of a silly time pre-teen time, when I was so naive, but life was a little less stressful. I was 13 and I can still remember sneaking my headphone's into my ear in the middle of class.

This shot took ages literary overnight, I was still doing it at 3am then I was like this is crazy I need to sleep, even if this has to go up on day 171.

So now I'm just watching pretty woman, which I've just realised is a adult version of my fair lady, just thought I'd share that with you guys...random I know.

Barophobia- Fear of gravity.


Barophobia derived from Latin word Bar meaning height, is the fear of gravity. Some people have a strange feeling that gravity might crush them to death. This fear is increased many folds when they come under influence of escalators and lifts. Once inside lifts, people suffering from Barophobia, start feeling anxiety and experience shortness of breath or heavy breath.


The joy rides in the amusement parks is also something which mimik high gravity. People with Barophobia, fear from getting on those rides and start feeling anxious once forced to do so. The fear of Barophobia is attributed to some trauma during some accident involving escalators, fun rides, free fall, etc.

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Taken on February 5, 2009