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Day 158 - Fear of Odd Numbers

4th in my phobia series. Although I was unable to find the name of this phobia, it does exist. Some people who are frightened of numbers - Arithmophobia or Numerophobia - others are frightened of specific numbers. Triskadekaphobia or fear of 13 has a certain logic if you're superstitious


There are 25 pineapples. It was insane moving them around the garden and taking photos ! So much hard work and then cloning some urch! here's the photos I used --->


I read these personal acounts of this online : "I have also had a fear of odd numbers since i was little! i can't bring myself to even say them :( "


" I always turn my tv volume to a even number. i refuse to sign a list if i will be an odd number. Some people do things twice to avoid doing it an odd number of times (turning off the light twice, washing hands) If I have an odd amount of money I will give a dollar away or something. I am afraid something bad will happen to me on odd numbered days."


Amazing isnt it?

P.S. Does anyone know how do make a link on your comments with your own personalised link name?

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Taken on January 21, 2009