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DIY RF shield for flash

As most of you are now aware, the new Pocketwizard Flex tt5 has comms problems due to the RF noise coming from the Canon 580ex and MK II flashes. To solve the problem, PW started to give away (Free of charge) the new AC5 Soft Shield, however this is only valid for US residentes only. Well, since I dont live in the USA, I started to do my homework and realised that copper actually blocks a big porcentage of the RF noise coming from the flash. So I headed to the local Art Shop (Riot art shop located at Westfieds in Burwood) and got a copper/aluminum sheet for $30 dollars. cut a few pieces and taped it to the flash and BINGO! problem solved. Without this DIY soft shield, I was lucky to get 15 meters distance from the flash, with the soft shield, I stopped testing at around 150mts away (I guess that is plenty of distance for what I want)

This is not a pretty solution, but at least makes me happy, Im now planning to make a sock for it. (will post photos once done) You can see the test Here

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Taken on January 1, 2010