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Poppy & Chip Go to the Park 5

See Chip offer Poppy her ice cream.

(Omg! What took so long? Did you have to milk the ice cream truck yourself or sumthin’? Hmm, Poppy’s clearly not too familiar with the mechanics of making ice cream.)


Fashion Credits

Sweet Confection Poppy

Dress: razldazl71 (

Sweater: IT – NuFace – Style Mantra Eden

Boots: Momoko- Cosmos Sweetheart

Bag: IT – Model Behavior – Visible Sensation Fashion

Sunglasses: Momoko – Fruits of Passion

Karma Necklace and Earrings: Knife’s Edge Designs (me)


She has been enhanced (eyes and freckles) by me. Her hair’s been relaxed and trimmed.


Baby, It’s You Chip

Jeans: IT – Dynamite Boy – Radiant Child Remi

Shirt: Tank – Mutant Goldfish Designs/ Screenprint – Me

Sweater: fakeskin (

Shoes: Mattel – Playline Ken

Belt: Volks – Who’s That Girl? - Selfish

Sunglasses: IT – Homme – Leading Man Lukas


He has been enhanced (eyes and stubble) by me. His hair has been un-pomped, washed, and re-pomped.

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Taken on April 26, 2012