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Season4: Eps21 - Sin in the City 1 (photo story)

***FORWARD from the Author***


This will be my last episode of Sin in the City for a while. I need to recharge my batteries and figure out where everything is headed. Please don’t expect the series to return until well into next year. I realize that sounds like a long time, but it’s really not from a production standpoint. If time permits, I may try to do a Christmas episode, though, sometime in mid-December.


Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm. They bring a great deal of light and laughter to my life, and that’s more priceless than Kumi’s shoe collection.





Sin in the City

Season 4: Episode 21, Season Finale

The Worth and Beauty of Love


The Big Day, It’s Finally Time!


Z: *shifts nervously from one foot to the other, looking both excited and queasy, as Magpie coaxes the first notes of Mendelssohn’s wedding march from her violin*


Danny: *eyes Z warily* “If you’re gonna ralph, just make sure you don’t hit the girls…or my shoes.”


Z: *through tightly pressed lips* “I’m fine.”


Danny: *drawls* “Cold feet? Thinkin’ about makin’ a break for it, Moondoggy?”


Fashion Credits

**Any doll enhancements (i.e. freckles, piercings, eye color changes) were done by me unless otherwise stated.**



Dress: Jessica of Cozy Couture

Coat: jiajiadoll (

Shoes: IT – Fashion Royalty – Life on the Runway Fashion

Necklace: Me


Doll is a Nu.Fantasy Little Red Riding Hood Yuri transplanted to a NuFace body.


Mrs. M

Dress: Miniature Couture (also from the valmaxi collection)

Shoes: Mattel

Necklace and Bracelet: Me


Doll is a Red Zinger Dania, repainted and restyled by Jon Copeland of Selo Spa.



Slacks: Mattel – The Waltz Ken

Shirt: IT – Fashion Royalty – Rock Ringmaster Lukas

Tie: IT – Fashion Royalty – Turning Heads Pierre

Long Coat: IT – Fashion Royalty – Night Vision Count Adrian

Skull Belt: Me

Boots: Volks – WTG – Selfish Line


Doll is a Style Strategy Lukas.



Pants & Jacket: Mattel – Barbie Collectible – 40th Anniversary Ken

Tuxedo Shirt: Mattel _ Barbie Collectible – James Bond G/S

Shoes: IT – Dynamite Boy – Beautiful Boy Auden


Doll is an In the Mix Takeo.



Pants: IT – Fashion Royalty – Homme – Fast Track Victor James

Shirt: IT – Fashion Royalty – Homme – Silent Partner Romain

Jacket: Mattel – BFMC – Fashion Insider Ken

Tie: IT – Fashion Royalty – Homme – Power Couple Francisco

Shoes: IT – Fashion Royalty – Homme – Rule Breaker Pierre

Glasses: IT – Fashion Royalty – Homme – Fast Track Victor James


Doll is a Rock Ringmaster Lukas.

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