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Season4: Eps12 - Sin in the City 13 (photo story) | by APPark
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Season4: Eps12 - Sin in the City 13 (photo story)

Erin: “Extra greasy!”


Kumi: “Hear, hear!”


Simon: *smiles* “That’s my girls.”


Kumi: “I’ll help!”


Simon: “No sampling!”


Kumi: “Why do you always say that when you know I’m gonna do it anyway?”


Simon & Kumi: *descend into good-natured bickering*


Gabe: *pulls up a stool by Erin, says in a deep voice* “Hello.”


Erin: *studies him for a moment, then smiles conspiratorially* “Sooo…how many times has Kumi made some sad double entendre about you being a big dick?”


Gabe (dryly): “At last count, I believe we were at three, and the night is still young.”


Erin: “She must like you, then. She only insults the ones she loves… Wait, strike that, she insults everyone, but she reserves the kinda nice ones for the ones she loves.”


Gabe: *straight-faced* “Yes, well, she keeps calling me a big dick, not saying I have one. You can see where the latter would be preferable to the former.”


Erin (gravely): “Well, has she seen you without your pants?”


Gabe: “No, I don’t think that would be very professional of me, do you?”


Erin: “Depends on your profession.”


Gabe: “Good point.”


Erin: “You could just show it to me, and I’ll tell her it’s big.”


Gabe: “She would take your word for it?”


Erin: “Absolutely.”


Gabe: “Then, couldn’t we just pretend you saw it, and you could tell her it’s big.”


Erin: *puffs up with feigned indignation* “Sir, what kind of lady do you take me for? I’m no liar!”


Gabe: “But you don’t mind asking a complete stranger to take off his pants for you?”


Erin: “Not even a little. If you don’t ask, you shall not receive.”


Gabe: *chuckles, eyes crinkling behind his glasses* “I like you.”


Erin: *blinks in surprise, lips quirk into a private smile* “You know what? For the first time in a long time, I like me, too.”


To Be Continued Next Tuesday...


Fashion Credits


**Any doll enhancements (i.e. freckles, piercings, eye color changes) were done by me unless otherwise stated.**



Jeans: Kimberlee @ Hazel Street Designs

Shirt: Clear Lan

Bra: Fashion Royalty – FAO Exclusive – Power Couple Erin

Shoes: Mattel – Top Model Teresa

Free Radical Earrings and Bracelets: Knife’s Edge Designs (me)


Doll is a Nu.Fantasy Wild Wolf Kumi transplanted to a NuFace body.



Jeans: Mattel – James Dean – distressed and cuffs ripped out

Shirt: Mattel – Playline

Belt: Kelsie @ Mutant Goldfish Designs

Boots: Fashion Royalty – Homme/NF – Rock Ringmaster Lukas

Necklace: Bits and pieces from here and there


Doll is a Raw Appeal Lukas



Dress: fakeskin (

Belt: Mattel – Barbie Collectible – Silken Flame Repro

Shoes: Mattel – Barbie Basics 002 – Accessory Pack, Look 002

Purse: Dressmaker Details – Gone Shopping

Earrings: Fashion Royalty – Exotic Fusion Line


Doll is a Making of Erin S., re-rooted by the phenomenal valmaxi!



Slacks & Belt: Kelsie @ Mutant Goldfish Designs

Sweater: Fashion Royalty – Homme – Leading Man Lukas

Boots: Volks – Who’s that Girl? – Selfish Line

Glasses: Fashion Royalty – Homme – Fast Track Victor James


Doll is a Fast Track Victor James.

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