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Season3: Eps 14 - Sin in the City 5 (photo story) | by APPark
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Season3: Eps 14 - Sin in the City 5 (photo story)

Lukas (dryly): "And hit him directly between the eyes with enough force to send his chair flying backwards?"


Yuri: *clears throat* "Yes, well, one does not know her own strength upon occasion. I was only trying to loosen the chop from the fork. That is all."


Simon: "Yuri-luv...what's gotten into you?! I would be less scandalized to hear about you dancing naked on the table wearing pork chop pasties!"


Yuri: *walks fingers up Simon's chest and purrs* "Oh, but darling, I am saving that particular act for when you are next over for dinner."


Simon: "Uh, much obliged." *gives Luke an incredulous look*


Lukas: *half smile* "See, I told you. She's been would you put it...wonky?"


Simon: "In this case, wonky's good. Hell, it's bloody brilliant. Oy, Yuri! When can we come over for dinner? You weren't kidding about that pork chop pasty thing, were you? Because you got my hopes up...*wicked smile*...among other things." *pulls Yuri onto his lap*


Yuri: *squeals* "Simon! I thought we agreed not to flaunt our torrid love affair in front of Lukas."


Simon: *leers theatrically* "The man's busy with his meat at the moment... *grins* Wow, that sounded really naughty, yeah? Anyway, he won't even notice. Give us a kiss."


Lukas: "He noticed, and that hamburger I just dropped on the ground? That one's yours, mate."


Simon: "Ha! Then the joke's on you, innit? I'm a Brit, remember? I don't mind a bit of grit in my nosh. It just reminds me of home..."


Fashion Credits


**Any doll enhancements (i.e. freckles, piercings, eye color changes) were done by me unless otherwise stated.**



Shorts: Randall Craig - Lilli Style Redux

Halter: Madame Alexander - Coquette's Closet Outfit

Belt: Mattel - Barbie Basics - Look 03 Accessory Pack

Shoes: Jennifer Sue

Sunglasses: Fashion Royalty - Model Behavior - Y.R.B. Erin

Cotton Candy Bracelet Set: Knife's Edge Designs (Me)


Doll is a Nu.Fantasy Red Riding Hood Yuri transplanted to a NuFace body.



Jeans: Mattel - James Dean - distressed by me

Tee: Mattel: Generation Girl Blaine Outfit

Shirt: Mattel - Fashion Avenue

Belt: Kelsie of Mutant Goldfish Designs

Boots: Volks - WTG - Selfish


Doll is a Rock Ringmaster Lukas



Shorts: Kelsie of Mutant Goldfish Designs

Shirt: Volks - WTG - Selfish

Belt: Miema (

Shoes: Volks - WTG - Soul Drive

Necklace: Me


Doll is a Raw Appeal Lukas

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