USAAF 2017: Dig & Demand
Dig & Demand is a performance justice project by queer trans 1st, 1.5, and 2nd generation diasporic Vietnamese artists set to dig deeply and demand daringly for the collective threading of our resilience. Pieces created from a 10-session training in vivid ecology, trauma-informed care, and liberation psychology using the arts.

Participating Artists:
Trang Tran, Leslie Tran, Irene Van, Truc Nguyen, Patty Do, Camille Mai, Annelisa Luong, UyenMy Yamamoto, Jaq Nguyen Victor

June 08, 2017 at 7pm - 9pm
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
2868 Mission St
San Francisco, CA

©APICC/Xahn Tran
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