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    A tribute...

    ... missing you all

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    1. JimReeves ages ago | reply

      This is a good one. Simple idea, but effective.

    2. relieved seat [deleted] ages ago | reply

    3. *Ivan* ages ago | reply

      A dada protest

      FREEDOM FOR UAE FLICKR USERS: sign the petition

      Feel free to add your feedback via comments, tags or by merely faving an image wherever this protest goes on around Flickr..

    4. esther kandinsky ages ago | reply

      You are not alone!

      I cannot be silent

    5. ~Aphrodite ages ago | reply

      Um.. wow. This support is overwhelming- but also alarming.

      I think that this international support is wonderful and inspiring. But I also think we all need to stand back and look at this issue through other eyes.

      By blocking this site, the government or phone company is not trying to restrict people's freedom. They are trying to uphold the cultural and religious values. Although I do not believe that flickr specifically does anything to undermine them, they see that flickr is being abused by some members.

      I would say that most Emiratis (people of the UAE) are not against censorship in general. If pornographic websites were allowed, I'm sure we'd have many people campaigning to have them blocked. As an Arab and, more importantly, Islamic society, people believe that these values should be upheld.

      Protesting against Etisalat (the phone company) is unfair because they are just following orders. It is not an abstract entity trying to oppress people's freedom of expression, but it is a place where real people try to make a living by providing neccessary communications services for others. Hacking their website (I have just heard that this has happened) just disrupts people's lives. Two wrongs do not make a right.

      Proposing a solution would be the smarter way. If there was a way in which people could share their pictures and Etisalat could filter out unwanted material; well then Im sure most people would be much happier.

      I thank you again so much for this support. This effort really has showed that we can reach out through cultural, national and religous boundaries to aid each other.

    6. thankful amusement [deleted] ages ago | reply

    7. Frid@y ages ago | reply

      I like ur job

      well done

    8. _delirium_ ages ago | reply

      "here I am, with my hand(s)"...


      extraordinary :)

    9. i . /✪\LEEM ages ago | reply

      Happy '06 , Aphrotite

    10. charming cushion [deleted] ages ago | reply

      great creation congratulations :-)


    11. ~Aphrodite ages ago | reply

      Thanxxxxx everyone! *kisses*

    12. lagosi ages ago | reply

      great photo, you really do have a lot of talent

    13. gavinvz ages ago | reply

      great shot.

    14. premasagar ages ago | reply

      This is a fantastic image - connection across the digital divide!

      Thanks to your Creative Commons license, I've displayed it on a blog post about the Second Life virtual world... I hope you approve :o)

    15. Evan M. O'Neil ages ago | reply

      Very touching image. I used it on my homepage to feature an article on blog ethics.

    16. jagilya ages ago | reply

      This is awesome!

    17. HeartlessHartley 87 months ago | reply

      I've used this pic (with accreditation) for teaching e-marketing to my Business Studies class.

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