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Will no one hear their call? | by ~Aphrodite
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Will no one hear their call?

They killed the nation

They killed the nation


And then they say the terrorism is from us


-Lebanese singer


I have no time now for a calm introduction as to what's happening in Lebanon. I have a question. Well, lots. But firstly- if Hezbollah is the great evil terrorist organization, why do the Lebanese people have to suffer for their actions??


While the US calls for Hezbollah to disarm, they remain silent on Israel’s massacre of civilians and complete annihilation of Lebanese infrastructure- which is, of course, called ‘self defense’. Some Arab countries have sent ambulances to Lebanon, but yesterday they came under attack on the Zahle-Dhohour Showair road between Lebanon and Syria.


Dr. Mohammed Khalifa, the Lebanese Minister of Health, said: “We can now see the mentality of Israel”


Unicef says that at least 500,000 people have been displaced by the continuing Israeli attacks.


Israel’s campaign has killed 233 people- only 26 of them were non-civilians. The death toll in northern Israel stands at 25, including 13 civilians.




No one is supporting Hezbollah’s kidnappings, nor their attacks on civilians. We are all human and we all bleed. But does Hezbollah’s acts justify the complete destruction of a country- a country that is innocent of Hezbollah’s actions?


How many more have to die? How many children?


You tell me.

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Uploaded on July 19, 2006