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Far away | by ~Aphrodite
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Far away

'To sorrow

I bade good morrow,

And thought to leave her far away behind;

But cheerly, cheerly,

She loves me dearly;

She is so constant to me, and so kind.

I would deceive her,

And so leave her,

But ah! she is so constant and so kind'

-Thomas Hardy


I've been in a contemplative mood- thinking about life and our roles within it. What are we doing with our lives really? When we dream, are our dreams aspirations to a greater world, or are they empty? Do we live each day, without a thought to the world, or do we live with careful deliberation?


Why do we hate faceless enemies? Why do we even talk of hate, when there is more room to love? Why can we shout and scream when we know that everyone is on our side, but when it comes to issues of 'controversy', we stay silent?


I am just rambling, but I feel like crying. I cannot express how I feel.This picture does not express how I feel-- my feelings have changed since I posted it.


We live in a world that is so bleak, metallic and hard. Surrounded by cars and tall buildings, parties and shopping, individualistic aspirations and the like- we forget. Or choose to ignore. I do not know.


I just read my friend's blog- the one visiting Palestine. It almost brought tears to my eyes. I felt it, I felt the people, I felt the aura, I could almost hear them. Fighting for a tiny bit of land, a land that is rightfully theirs. Why should you fight for something that is yours?? It doesn't make sense. Yet somehow... somehow... no one does anything. Money, politics, power. How did the world come to this?


I was smiling yesterday because I had finally bought sunglasses that suited my face. Today, I am crying because of a defeaning silence. It hurts. But life, and its people, move on.

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Uploaded on June 29, 2006