A catalog of bibulous pursuits (or, mostly bad photos of good drinks):

Apple Cider Cocktail
Applejack Old Fashioned
Applejack Rabbit
Aviation I / II / III
Barnum (Was Right) Cocktail
Battle of Trafalgar
Black Donald
Black Rose (Variant)
Blood & Sand
Blue Moon
Blues Explosion (Variant)
Bobby Burns
Borden Chase
Boulevardier Cocktail
Bourbon Belle
Burbank Cocktail
Communist Cocktail
Cornell Special Cocktail
Corpse Reviver No. 1
Corpse Reviver No. 2
De La Louisiane
Denny Triangle Cocktail
Desert Healer I / II
East India Cocktail
Fall Classic Cocktail
Fallen Leaves Cocktail
Fancy-Free Cocktail
Frogtown Hollow Cocktail
Ginger Rye
Golden Bunny
Golden Dawn I / II
Greta Garbo Cocktail
Harvest Sling
Honeymoon Cocktail
Indian River Cocktail
In Vida Veritas
Jack Rose I / II
Japanese Cocktail
Kentucky Royale (Variant)
Kumquat Caipirinha I / II
Lady Shannon
Last Word
Lion's Tail
Mai Tai
Mamie Taylor
Marconi Wireless Cocktail
Maximilian Affair Cocktail
Mayfair Cocktail
Midnight Sun Cocktail
Mint Julep I / II
Monkey Gland
Monte Cassino Cocktail
Negroni I / II
Ninth Ward
No. 43 (Hungry Mother)
No. 72 (Hungry Mother), aka Geneva   Convention
North Garden (Death & Co.)
Pendennis Cocktail
Pink Lady
Preakness I / II
Red Rot Cocktail
Remember The Maine Cocktail
Réveillon Cocktail I / II
Rob Roy
Rum Manhattan
Silver Dawn Cocktail
Smoke and Mirrors Cocktail
Stamford Raffles Cocktail I / II
Stone Fence
Straits Sling
Suburban Cocktail
Tower Isle Cocktail
Unnamed #1
Unnamed #2
Unnamed Fig Cocktail
Vieux Carré
Wall Street Cocktail
Waltzing With Vincent Price
Ward Eight
Widow's Kiss I / II

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