It's all too much.

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    Gordon went a little... well he started climbing trees.

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    1. Anna Psalmond ages ago | reply

      this is great!

    2. joaobambu ages ago | reply

      Haha, I feel like doing this right now!

    3. joaobambu ages ago | reply

      By the way, the green is so gregarious and the framing extraordinary!

    4. compujeramey ages ago | reply

      That's just a crazy shot, hope to see more like it.

    5. aphasiafilms ages ago | reply

      Thanks for you comments! I'm sure there's plenty more crazy shots with Gordon around... plus, if anyone's interested in astrophotography, check out some of Gordon's stuff; he's excellent.

    6. traveller_sam ages ago | reply

      Great photo!

      Caterina, thank you for this link!

    7. Dr Snafu ages ago | reply

      "the green is so gregarious" my god.
      Nice photo though.

    8. garrettwilkin ages ago | reply

      Yea yea! Damn I love pictures like this. Awesome pose and expression man

    9. Zoey Duncan ages ago | reply

      haha definitely deserves the blog entry

    10. rolandog [deleted] ages ago | reply

      /went bananas?


    11. Le'3z [deleted] ages ago | reply

      thats fun!!!

    12. Nintoto ages ago | reply

      Ha hah, this is great, he looks like the monkeys at the zoo that are about to mate. His expression supports this. ;-)

    13. lysdexia [deleted] ages ago | reply

      666th view, wooo!

      Edit: Argh, for the failure pool, the counter went from 665 to 667 when I submitted that comment.

    14. aphasiafilms ages ago | reply

      Hahah awesome; close enough! I've been wondering if someone would actually tag that hit. Good show!

    15. raz hoe 113 months ago | reply

      classic shot, luv it

    16. Jill Renee Photography 105 months ago | reply

      I love how his toes are grasping onto the tree.

    17. I_Can_See_You 104 months ago | reply

      An Academic Reproduction of a Classic

      "It's all too much: Gamma"

    18. i n i m i n i 58 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Nature Nerds, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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