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adjustment | by aperitive
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"you ready?" she asked.

"what do you mean am i ready? it's twenty sumthin' degrees out here... are you ready?"

"yeah, i guess..."


[fast forward]


"hey, just calling to see how it went"

"it went well."

"did she do it?"

"oh yeah... i told her we could reschedule, but she wanted it done..."

"jesus, its like fuh-reezing out there"

"no joke, she was a trooper about it though..."


[shot on a balmy twenty-nine degree day with a 10 mph wind to help cool things down, southside downtown Raleigh, in the warehouse district @ Martin & [the end of] West streets.

we were being continually followed by a police officer in his car, who rode past us an annoying six times, asking us how we were doing, etc... she thought it funny, i was looking for his car number]

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Taken on January 24, 2008