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    1. JasonLiebig 78 months ago | reply

      Having worked at Marvel for a number of years a decade ago, I was quite happy to hear this news this morning. I think it'll be a very good thing, long term. No doubt there will be some issues along the way, but that's the way with any big changes. I agree that I think they'll leave editorial alone.

      It'll be interesting to see how this affects/helps Marvel Films, as they were just starting to produce their own movies, finally.

      Ultimately, this deal will be worth it, because for years, due to a Disney C&D, Howard the Duck's appearance had to be changed so that he would no longer resemble Donald Duck. Now, finally, the real Howard can return. :-)

    2. TedsBlog 78 months ago | reply

      I, for one, welcome our new mouse overlords...

    3. Ape Lad 78 months ago | reply

      Variety says there are already plans to reboot the Fantastic Four. That was quick.

    4. j_pidgeon 78 months ago | reply

      I hunger - uh huk! Uh huk!

    5. Eric Souza 78 months ago | reply

      Eu tenho MEDO! o.O

    6. ElDave 78 months ago | reply

      This is THE BEST :)

    7. miocyon 78 months ago | reply

      I am looking forward to eating the Disney world

    8. Blake C. Himsl Hunter 78 months ago | reply

      if this became real I might have to start collecting comics again

    9. Ragnell 78 months ago | reply

      We NEED this in a cartoon.

    10. MattSimonato 78 months ago | reply

      Pretty awesome. Really.

    11. jublin 78 months ago | reply

      has someone already started a blog dedicated to these mashups? because someone needs to!

    12. Scruffi 78 months ago | reply

      I started a thread over at the Open thread. Everyone's welcome!

    13. artcartoons 78 months ago | reply

      ha ha! super nice!

    14. OldManMusings 78 months ago | reply

      Cool and congrats Adam! I see you talked with WSJ.

    15. Xrístos 78 months ago | reply

      Love it. I saw it on

      Here's one I did. Walt Lee presents…

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