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Solpugid in Spain 4 | by BY-YOUR-⌘
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Solpugid in Spain 4

Arachnophobia - Solpugids, or Camel Spiders, Wind Scorpions, Sun Spiders, etc. Have two pairs of massive jaws, or "chelicerae" that work vertically, and the two large front 'legs' are "pedipalps" that can sense vibrations, and have sticky 'suckers' on the tips. This one is the size of an average wolf spider, about an inch from the front jaws to rear of the abdomen, not including any appendages. When I first saw it I thought it was a spider, trying to mimic a very large termite. It was extraordinarily fast, but did not seem to seek shelter, rather kept coming back out in the open floor. I admit I sprayed it with mosquito spray, hoping it would slow down enough to get it out of the house. This worked, and it was still walking around in circles outside in the dark, last time I saw it. Although, its first reaction to getting sprayed seemed to be to bite off the tips of its own front feelers.

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Taken on August 20, 2012