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747 Hemet Ryan Fire Bomber

On my days off I use X-Plane to pretend to fly.

Today it was an Evergreen International 747 Supertanker Firebomber

from the Hemet-Ryan California Department of Forestry Air Attack Base.

(they don't really fly 747's there.)

What I had to cut for time:

*Reversing engines to backup to the very extreme start of the runway,

*and then full throttle, with the brakes on, until I could get the speed up,

as to not overrun the runway on take-off.

*About fifteen minutes of flying over Hemet to get to the fire, out past Anza.

*Finding and landing at Palm Springs Intl., very poorly,

I am quite proud I didn't scrape the tail on take-off though.


The music is from the song, "Love and the Veil" by the group Niyaz.

I highly recomend both of their enjoyable albums,

the self-titled, Niyaz, as well as the more recent Nine Heavens.


This song is currenty available on iLike, but buy the whole album; you won't regret it.


A Mac Mini can just barely handle the graphics, to make it enjoyable, kind of like taking off in a 747 from Hemet, just barely. But it still makes X-Plane fun, especially all the extras still work, like this fire-bombing run. You can almost FEEL the plane get lighter when it jettisons its payload!

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Taken on September 1, 2009