Wheels, or jellyfish as they are also known, are a circular enclosure with internal divisions, some like the spokes of a wheel (hence the name), others irregular. They are also often associated with cairns and hides that may form a circle around the enclosure or feature inside the divisions.

The Wheels are found most concentrated across the Harrat ash-Sham that stretches from Syria, through Jordan, and into Saudi Arabia and may number over 1000. The walls of the features are low, now standing roughly only a metre high at most. From the little research conducted up to the present, it is suggested that these structures may represent a seasonal camping ground for nomads and/or have been used for animal enclosures. Associated finds tentatively date the structures back as far as the 6th millenia BC. The variations in placement, size and type, however, mean that an overarching function and age of the structures is not yet forthcoming.

Each Wheel is given a number according to its region. If a particular Wheel or region from this set takes your interest, please use the search tool in the top right hand corner of the browser window to search for other photographs in the archive. For more information please read: Kennedy, D. & Bewley, R. (2004) Ancient Jordan from the Air, Oxford (CBRL). ISBN:0-9539102-2-9; or visit our blog at www.apaame.org.
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