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Photo "Sets" include
-Vung Tau & surrounds 1966 to 1972
-Vung Tau Air Base 1966 to 1972
-Vung Tau Harbour & Wharves 1966 to 1972
-Vung Tau Radar Hill 1966 to 1972
-Vung Tau since 2000
-Vung Tau 2010 (extensive tour of the city). I (Stan Middleton) took these photos to show all our diggers who have not returned to Vung Tau since the war what a beautiful city Vung Tau has become including the dramatic changes to the Back Beach where the Australian base was.

Vung Tau "Bar Girls" 1966 to 1972

Vung Tau "Bar...

16 photos

Vung Tau Post 2000

Vung Tau Post 2000

12 photos