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He Comes when we are in NEED of HIM. | by anvancy
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He Comes when we are in NEED of HIM.

There are two versions to this Photo.


First the Serious part:


The story goes that the group had started the trek to Kyarkoti Lake in the morning.All except two Ladies went ahead.After a grueling physical endurance the group reached the Lake.The Ladies were gonna leave 2 Hours after the group had started.Yet they reached the lake way early than anticipated.When asked how they reached so early,the Ladies response was that an old man directed them to a path which led to the lake.Invariably that path was of only 45mins.the Group was seriously stunned by it.


Later at base camp,the heads were having the discussion in the temple which the head priest heard it.After the discussion was over the priest came and told that the Old Man was indeed Lord Hanuman himself. He is one of those who is "Amar".Lord Hanuman helps fellow persons who are in need of trouble all over the Himalayas.


Now the Fun part:


It was hell difficult to compose the following shot. I am sitting in a pitch dark natural studio with one Yongnuo 460MK II in my hand.It was time to get creative.


I knew that I needed an Aura behind the flash was going behind obstacle cleared.Now the new obstacle was how to Light GOD and the devotee from front and different angles??


Enter my fellow campers armed with torches.


The shot feels that it was easy.rather it was not.focusing with torch light in pitch darkness is different.Having fellow campers chirping near your ears is different.


After many experiments this was the shot I was looking for.The flash is from behind the person.The front sides and the devotee are lit by around 8-10 Torches,major of which were Head Torches.


My personal favorite shot of the whole camp.



Strobist: Yongnuo 460MKII 1/2 power behind person. Yongnuo RF 602s.


DIY: 8-10 head torches lighting up the front part and the devotee.

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Taken on May 14, 2011