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Tried to take a screenshot n plannin to add notes for each of icons....anyone interested? ;)

most of them are freeware and really useful stuff i found n rather cant live without them.....naaaah
my desktop keeps changing every can hardly find half of these running other time lol

get complete look here

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  1. -xh- 99 months ago | reply

    a busy desktop... but i love a clean desktop...

  2. gaurang 99 months ago | reply

    A busy constantly changing desktop !
    I used to be like that few years ago.
    nice wallpaper though.

    yeah check out this link ;)

  3. Maggie's World ... 99 months ago | reply

    Interesting and colourful.

  4. S'Murf 99 months ago | reply

    OH my me gosh. :))

  5. inglian 99 months ago | reply

    Your desktop would be too bright for me. Thanks a lot for the Winsnap link, though! :)

  6. hira3 99 months ago | reply


  7. ~priyak~ 99 months ago | reply

    Cool wallpaper. Me prefer clear desktop, less icons :)

  8. dsevilla 99 months ago | reply

    Very nice desktop!!

  9. shimon21 99 months ago | reply

    I like it! The 3-D sensation and the colors of this wallpaper are so cool ...

  10. AnimeshBulusu 99 months ago | reply

    love the sophistication and the surrealistic feel

  11. naashna 99 months ago | reply


  12. nimboo 99 months ago | reply

    switch to a mac I say, NOW!

  13. H a r e e s h 99 months ago | reply

    probably u R taking rest after ur 2000 th pic.

  14. luttu007 99 months ago | reply

    take printscreen paste to irfan view . cut required portion . save it.
    thats the best way to take screenshots

  15. blackfog 99 months ago | reply

    I guess that 'hacking gmail' doesn't work anymore. does it ?
    haven't they blocked it ?

  16. julia_xcp 99 months ago | reply

    Hi, where did you get this nice wallpaper with the pencils ??

  17. Anusha Raji 98 months ago | reply

    not exactly..
    act. my cam is taking long i guess :((

    u still need irfan
    but those things make it easy :)

    yet to was fwd by my frn

    frm here :)

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