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done by lambandlamp: Readings on Immaterial Labor at the OPEN AIR OFFICE.


Άυλος Εμφύλιος Πόλεμος. Πρότυπα Σύγκρουσης στον Γνωσιακό Καπιταλισμό by Matteo Pasquinelli, Animal Spirits by Matteo Pasquinelli, Of Sense and Sensibility: Immaterial Labour in Open System by Tiziana Terranova, Technical Culture and the Limits of Interaction: A Note on Simondon by Alberto Toscano, Immaterial Labour by Maurizio Lazzarato, A Treatise on Political Economy, Book I, Ch. XII by Jean-Baptiste Say, Labour and Language by Paolo Virno, General Intellect by Paolo Virno.

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Uploaded on September 14, 2011