Norway: Hovet, Buskerud

I live in Hovet since 2010, and more and more I become interested in the historical and sociological details of Hovet, and its citizens. I searched on internet about it and it was confusing that there is another Hovet in Norway. I found it in Wikipedia. Time to create a page for Hovet, Buskerud. I am building up a page for Hovet in Wikipedia and added Hovet even to the page of Hol, where Hovet is a part of. Hol did not even mention Hovet!

The start was June 30, 2014.
The link to the page:,_Buskerud

The page is not complete, and I search for more information. Not so easy! I cannot read Norwegian, can translate it with google, but that is often with many wrong translations. Not trustworthy for a page in Wikipedia that needs excellent sources.

If you have information for me, with mentioning of the source, please send it:

I search for:
*Historical facts
*Special important families/people from the past
*Sociological info: how much people, children, professions, studies,
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