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001/365 - Tattoo | by antigone78
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001/365 - Tattoo

I'm going to attempt 365 for a second time. I *really* want to be able to say that I was successful at this. I think it would be really cool to look back in a year at these pictures and remember. Especially since at this time next year I'll be getting married.


RSM had the story of her wrist tattoo today for her 365 so this is a blatant rip off of her idea. But it reminded me how cool it would be to do 365 again so here it is.


This is the tattoo I got in Maui the day before we left. I joke and tell people I got it so my right hand wouldn't be jealous of the bling on the left. But really I got it because those nine days were the most romantic, most fun, most memorable days of my life (second only to giving birth) and I want to have something that I see every day to remind me how wonderful the experience was.

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Uploaded on February 16, 2007