Don't Have a Cow

Great cheese comes from happy cows.


A couple of days ago I posted a photo I took on a small hike at Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park. I have a couple words on this hike in the linked photo.


What I wanted to continue on about was that there were cows that could be found all throughout this park. In fact beginning at the trail head, the entire park is gated off to prevent any stray cattle from making their way out. Being that there is a highway and homes not far off, I can understand why these precautions were taken.


I don't recall ever being this excited about seeing cows out and about in a grassy field. I really wanted to take some pictures of them. Unfortunately I didn't have my 24-70mm on me at all this day, so I put my faith in my 35mm lens.


We encountered our first cows about half an hour into hour hike. They were a ways off the trail, so I wandered slowly through about 200-300 meters of knee high grass to get a closer perspective. I'm glad I didn't run into any snakes. I was sure to avoid cow pie land mines that were littered all over. As I approached, I also kept my eyes scouring the field to make sure there was no bull present. I don't want to get anywhere near one of them. Lucky me -none present.


Once within about 15 feet of these big cows their chewing actions began to slow, and they turned towards me. I did my best not to startle them on approach. I took a couple more small steps forward -this got me a little less than 10 feet away from them. I quietly and carefully lifted the viewfinder of the camera to my eye, composed metered, clicked, chimped, recomposed, clicked, and presto- done. I got my pictures and slowly began walking backwards the way I came. It went well (my second attempt did not go so well, as I ended up running away from them). Even though they were just cows, it was ... exciting. Now I just need to find myself a pride of lions to photograph :)


The dark cow on the right sure looks like she is ready to run me over.


Lighting: 100,000 lux light in the sky

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Taken on April 24, 2011