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Lychee love

This is part of the Love In Taiwan themed set.


The people of Taiwan love fruit. Particularly LYCHEES.


I love them too. But I grew up with the common Chinese/cantonese saying that, "one lychee = three torches of fire" in terms of the whole notion that many food types have different "yin and yang" properties. This fruit has more yang -- meaning fire...

which, if consumed too much, would result to itchy lips, pimples, nosebleeds.


I don't usually believe in yin and yang stuff for general life. But when it comes to food, I do. It's also known as Chinese food therapy.

Because my health can actually be affected by over-consumption of the firey type of food, vs the moist type of food.

Yang - is high in energy (or fat) content

Yin - is high in water content.

And so ideally, you should have a balance. My western doctor friends always tell me, well anything in moderation is good.


So when I eat several Lychees [very easy to, when you're in Asia and they're in season!], I try and balance it out with some veggie soup, or watermelon or something.

But when you've tried Lychees, especially the succulent juicy ones with a very small pip/seed inside, you'll constantly be craving for more!


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Taken on June 7, 2010