Kodachrome '63

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    This photograph of snow on a fence in the winter made me think about making photographs in a different way.

    I was given some Kodachrome slide film for my birthday in January 1963. This was the year of the big freeze, with tons of snow and freezing weather over many weeks, very exciting. I borrowed my dad's 35mm Ilford Sportsman camera and wandered off to try and make something out of where I lived in Roehampton.

    This was was the first time I had used colour slide film, my uncle told me to be careful to select the right lens opening and speed of shutter for a cloudy or sunny day.

    Lines of snow making patterns on a fence caught my eye and the hazy sun behind felt nice and wintery and warming. I decided to set the camera to make the picture even though I thought the sun may be too bright and the snow and fence too dark.

    A week later the 24 slides arrived back. My dad helped me set up his Hanimex projector for a family slideshow. The pictures were huge on the screen, but it meant we looked at them for longer and talked about them together. It was a different experience from showing my little 3 inch square B&W prints, usually to just one person at a time. The slideshow had a sense of occasion about it, but the picture that caught people's attention was this one, of a fence, some snow and the hazy winter sun.

    The experience encouraged me to begin saving for my own camera and, and, even though I wasn't particularly conscious of it at the time, to begin thinking about photography in a another way.


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    1. Ron's Log 118 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Kodachrome, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    2. Black Dust a.k.a. odonbd 118 months ago | reply

      Nice contrast and the way that lighting helps to reveal the picture on Kodachrome.

    3. Neoslv - (M. G.) 118 months ago | reply

      It is part of big changes due to the technology, but 74 years of production is really a big success.

    4. acastleblue 118 months ago | reply

      You know... (you just know .-) that I have to ~

    5. tonyhall 118 months ago | reply

      Hello Ron, thanks, I'll ad this one.

    6. tonyhall 118 months ago | reply

      Odon, the lighting comes from the lightbox that I would use to sort through the koadachrome slides.

    7. tonyhall 118 months ago | reply

      Mario, yes agreed, it is quite something to still have been producing this film well into the digital era ... Kodak reckoned that Kodachrome eventually only represented 'a fraction of one percent of our film sales'.

    8. tonyhall 118 months ago | reply

      Greg ...
      They give us those nice bright colors
      They give us the greens of summers
      Makes you think all the worlds a sunny day, oh yeah
      I got a nikon camera
      I love to take a photograph
      So mama dont take my kodachrome away

      ~ Kodachrome, Paul Simon, 1973

    9. stewpic 118 months ago | reply

      I can't remember when i first used colour films but I do remember there were different quality colour films at differemt prices 74 years of production for Kodachrome is a good achievement. Your shot has come out sharp and clear.

    10. tonyhall 118 months ago | reply

      Stewart, most of my early colour pics were done with Kodachrome and then Ektachrome. This Kodachrome slide was made in 1963.

    11. clifsnap 118 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called 'The Nomads' and we'd like to have this picture as a favorite.

    12. tonyhall 118 months ago | reply

      Hello clifsnap, thank you, I'll add it to the pool.

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