Palestine Project
At least half of the images in this set are examples of transformative re-use: graphics & posters created by altering other people's photos. In each case, the original photographers - usually mideast photojournalists, but also friends and fellow activists in the region - Israeli, Palestinian and other - are credited. Any photos without attribution are my own.

All subsequent alterations to their work are by me, and are typically substantial.

I welcome questions and intelligent, constructive discussion, although I will not allow this forum to be hijacked by Zionists or anyone else. Anyone who starts behaving like a stalker will be blocked.

You don't have to agree with me; legitimate, non-racist dissent is very welcome, as long as you stick to the topic, and don't try to change the subject to how evil I am. Comments containing extreme racist remarks or religious slurs of any kind will be immediately deleted or mocked at my discretion.

PLEASE NOTE: I will not respond to any political comment from "shell accounts" (Flickr accounts which have few or no photos, no profile info, no favorites, no nickname icon, etc.). In general, anyone attacking me from a shell account will be automatically blocked.

NOTE DATED JANUARY 5 2009: Because of a flood of racist bile being crapped all over my page by the usual fanatical supporters of Israel, open comment-posting on images in this set has been temporarily suspended until after the latest Israeli killathon is over and its cheerleaders have slithered back into their holes. For now, only people on my contact list may leave comments. If you are not on my contact list and would like to be, its probably just an oversight on my part - please send me a note and I'll add you.

NOTE DATED MARCH 23, 2009 - I first began working on this set five years ago today.

"The reason for the ongoing conflict between Israel/Palestine is not because Israel occupies parts of the West Bank and Gaza and is not willing to give them back. The reason we have the conflict is the Zionist ideology. This is where it starts and this is where it ends. As long as the vast majority of Jews in Israel subscribes to this ideology in its present interpretation, I'm afraid we will not see peace and reconciliation coming to this land."
--Ilan Pappe
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