The prison built, the key thrown in the sea

The procession needs a witness. Please help tell this story, or at least help me tell this story.


And yes, that is really a street full of blood.



"Innocent Palestinian people are being treated like animals, with the presumption that they are guilty of some crime. ... The additional restraints imposed on the new government are a planned and deliberate catastrophe for the citizens of the occupied territories, in hopes that Hamas will yield to the economic pressure." --former US President Jimmy Carter, May 2006


There is still no other way of stopping Israel than besides boycott, divestment and sanctions. We should all support it clearly, openly, unconditionally, regardless of what the gurus of our world tell us about the efficiency or raison d'etre of such actions. The UN would not intervene in Gaza as it does in Africa; the Nobel peace laureates would not enlist to its defense as they do for causes in Southeast Asia. The numbers of people killed there are not staggering as far as other calamities are concerned, and it is not a new story -- it is dangerously old and troubling. The only soft point of this killing machine is its oxygen lines to 'western' civilization and public opinion. It is still possible to puncture them and make it at least more difficult for the Israelis to implement their future strategy of eliminating the Palestinian people either by cleansing them in the West Bank or genociding them in the Gaza Strip. --Ilan Pappe, "Palestine 2007: Genocide in Gaza, Ethnic Cleansing in the West Bank", University of Haifa, January 11, 2007


The last hope of halting Israel’s steady ghettoization of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and calculated destruction of the Palestinian economy is the imposition of sanctions against Israel, especially the revoking of the $9 billion in U.S. loan guarantees. If we allow Israel to complete its massive $2-billion project to ring Palestinians in militarized, pod-like encampments in Gaza and the West Bank with security barriers, walls and electric fences, we will condemn Israel and the Palestinians to endless cycles of violence that could ultimately, given the mounting rage and despair that grip the Middle East, doom the Jewish state.

--Chris Hedges, former bureau chief of the New York Times, November 20, 2006



'The procession needs a witness' On Black


ORIGINAL PHOTO: Wesam Saleh, Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip, November 8, 2006


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  • AnomalousNYC 8y

    Tigger, a very easy case could be made that here in america genocide is ongoing vis a vis our indigenous population.
  • Tiggger 8y

    More like genocide against the poor and working class in general. That blacks and indigenous are over-represented is a matter of "coincidence".
    But it is presently a chicken/egg situation, whereas the plight of palestinians is not, their present=American blacks and natives past.
  • AnomalousNYC 8y

    "Zionism always was, despite strategically motivated denials to the contrary and brief flirtations with other objectives, an attempt to establish Jewish sovereignty over Palestine. This project was illegitimate. Neither history, nor religion, nor the sufferings of Jews in the Nazi era sufficed to justify it. It posed a mortal threat to the Palestinians, and it left no room for meaningful compromise. It was wrong to pursue the Zionist project and wrong to achieve it. [...] Since the Zionist project never was legitimate, much that is said in its defense, and in Israel's defense, whether sound or unsound, is irrelevant.

    It does not matter if the Zionists wanted peace: of course they did! Who wouldn't want to rob someone's land and dominate their very existence without having to fight for that objective?

    It doesn't matter if some of the land was obtained by purchase: it would not matter if every square inch were so obtained.

    The Israel/Palestine conflict is not about mere land ownership, but about its use to establish sovereingty of one ethnic group over another: that this unacceptable objective is achieved by purchase or by some other means does not make it any less wrong."

    --Michael Neumann, The Case Against Israel, pp 86-87).
  • Tiggger 8y

    Neumann said it all, nothing to add or subtract ...
  • AnomalousNYC 8y

    "It is said that for every country there is an army, except in the case of Israel. It is an army for which a country was built."
    --Sheikh Nasrallah, source
  • AnomalousNYC 8y

    "The only prospect that holds hope for us is the carving up of Syria... It is our task to prepare for that prospect. All else is a purposeless waste of time."
    --Zionist militant Zeév Jabotinsky, From "We and Turkey" in Di Tribune, November 30, 1915
  • AnomalousNYC 8y

    "We should prepare to go over to the offensive. Our aim is to smash Lebanon, Trans-Jordan, and Syria. The weak point is Lebanon, for the Muslim regime is artificial and easy for us to undermine. We shall establish a Christian state there, and then we will smash the Arab Legion, eliminate Trans-Jordan, and Syria will fall to us."
    --David Ben-Gurion, From "Ben-Gurion, A Biography" by Michael Ben-Zohar, May 1948
  • AnomalousNYC 8y

    "It is obvious that the above military assumptions, and the whole plan too, depend also on the Arabs continuing to be even more divided than they are now, and on the lack of any truly mass movement among them... Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking Iraq up into denominations as in Syria and Lebanon... Syria will fall apart."
    --Oded Yinon, 1982. From "The Zionist Plan for the Middle East"
  • AnomalousNYC 8y

    "Regime change is, of course, our goal both in Lebanon and Syria. We wrote long ago that there are three ways to achieve it- the dictator chooses to change; he falls before his own unhappy people; or if he poses a threat to the outside, the outside takes him out..."
    --Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), From strategy paper #474 "Priorities in Lebanon & Syria", March 2, 2005
  • Tiggger 8y

    If a picture is worth a 1,000 words then consider this:
    video by a British film crew near Hebron that shows what an average Palestinian family has had to live with for the last 80-odd years, i.e., 3-4 generations, born, lived, died in utter misery and humiliation.
  • alex de jong 8y

    some thoughts on the pathology underlying zionism from a jewish point of view, and especially after the Great Murder (also in response to some remarks a few comments earlier, when i brought this up)

    (speaking from a personal point of view)

    The reason - to my mind - why you see such an "ossified" clinging on, the reason why clinging on to the territorial reality of a "jewish state" is so persistent is because jews, especially european jews (who were the founders of the state) received a clear message during ww2: "you will be tolerated, but you'll never be safe among the people who you thought were your compatriots. all that talk of assimilation, all your efforts to be like them, with them, turned out to be worth nothing when push came to shove". That has led to zionism as the derived discourse of the european tendency to expiate the "Other" from amongst the "Europeans": even today this is visible in how asylum seekers are treated in Europe, in islamophobia. As long as the cause for the zionist pathology is not addressed, the conflict will not be solved. For it is "Israel as Idea" that makes it possible for jews to function in the diaspora, especially in Europe, because they can never feel entirely safe there again. As long as it is not acknowledge that genocide lies at the very heart of European culture, zionism will not disappear as a reaction to it. Of course the trouble with derived discourses is that they employ the characteristics of the discourse they're derived from to arrive at a stance opposite from it. Hence the genocidal tendencies within zionism.
    I think the root cause of this conflict is not "Palestinians against Israelis" or "Jews against Arabs", but both against European/Western hegemonism in the area. That in fact was what pre-WZO and non-Herzlian zionism was about, until it got annihilated by the Herzlians.
  • AnomalousNYC 8y


    I agree with your theory more or less, although I am tempted to make it even more specific - it is not only genocide which lies at the heart of Euroculture, but also a persistent anti-semitism.

    Zionism could be seen as a project to Europeanize the Jew, by making him more European than the Europeans, and hence more genocidal, and more specifically, more anti-semitic.

    Perhaps the insane persistance of zionism to an obviously failed national project arises from some level of awareness of its astonishing success in this other arena - it has succeeded in transforming Jews from the objects of anti-semitism to its agents. ZIonism has succeeded in relocating the object from Jews to Arabs, so that all the old tropes and quasi-conscious baggage of anti-semtiism are now heaped on the "dirty arab."

    I wrote this a few months ago on flickr: "Ultimately, I think Israel targets refugees so violently because israel is so deeply anti-smitic. They are targeting that which they hate the most in themselves: their own diaspora past, and they see in the figure of the refugee this inescapably present figure of everything they are trying to repress in their own new identity. Palestinians are the new repository of all the old anti-semitic tropes that used to be the burden of "the dirty Jew" - and so naturally in Israel the Palestinians are now "Aravim milukhlakhim" - dirty arabs. In its rush to shed the old diaspora Jewish identity, Zionism created a new Jewish identity, one which ironically expressed its supposed Europeanness - an Orientalist fantasy of a bulwark of European civilization in a sea of barbarism - by becoming the world's most vehement locus of anti-semitism. I think when people talk about Israel as a Nazi state, something I hear on a daily basis, it is not only because of these ongoing crimes, which resemble those of the nazis so shamefully, but because intuitively the world sees that Israel is engaged in precisely the same project as Naziism. Not just a new version of Naziism, but in some sense a continuation of the same ideological process."

    This explains the persistance of both the self-destructive violence of zionsm, which I see as fundamentally irrational, as well as the accusation (Nazi state) so routinely made against it.

    I agree with you though that what we are seeing there is the staging of a fundamentally European problem. Taner Akcam's "From Empire to Republic : Turkish Nationalism and the Armenian Genocide" proposes persuasively that the origin of this genocidal impulse lies in the traumatic dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, and points to numerous incidents of genocide and ethnic cleansing within and along its former borders - Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Romania, Palestine, et al.


    When you say "As long as the cause for the zionist pathology is not addressed, the conflict will not be solved" I can't help but hear the last words of Joseph Massad's latest book:

    "The persistence of the Palestinian question, therefore, is the persistence of the Jewish question. Both questions can only be resolved by the negation of anti-semitism, which still plagues much fo Europe and America and which mobilizes Zionism's own hatred of Jewish Jews and of the Palestinians."
  • alex de jong 8y

    Anomalous, I totally agree with you, also on the antisemitism (you could call it intrasemitism) that is part and parcel of zionism-as-state. Massad is right in his analysis, and I'm going to get hold of a copy to read soon. Should be interesting.
  • halfbreedhalf 8y

    please consider adding this shot to The Sanatorium at the Sign of the Hourglass

    To some large degree this has nothing to do with the group.... but i'd like to help tell this story.....
  • AnomalousNYC 7y

    Jewish terrorist leaflet unearthed
    Sunday, 20 July 2008

    A Jewish terrorist threatening to kill British soldiers serving in Palestine during the creation of Israel 60 years ago has surfaced at an auction in Shropshire, central England, it was reported Saturday.

    The discoloured document, penned by Irgun terrorist group led by future Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin, urged UK troops to either leave the mandated country or be killed.

    Coming after the mass killing of 91 British soldiers and civilians in a bomb attack at King David Hotel in Jerusalem, it warns that "it is only fair that these people know at least why they may be killed." "You have learned what the word 'terrorist' means, some of you may even have come into direct contact with them (and heartily desire not to repeat the experience)," the leaflet also says, according to the Times newspaper Saturday.

    The pamphlet, which is due to be sold at Mullock's auctioneers on August 6, was said to have been acquired by a British soldier, who was ordered to destroy a stash of confiscated documents, but took one as a memento.

    According to the Times, Richard Westwood-Brookes, Mullock's historical documents specialist, said the pamphlet was a remarkable find, which "amounted to a manifesto for terrorist action."
  • robin: RAF 7y

    the possibility of the USA bankrupting itself in the near future may force it slow down the funds to Israel, thereby forcing them to deal with Palestine in a civilized manner... we can but hope.
  • Noah Lovejoy 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Beauty in a Tragedy, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Geir Bergh 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called War Photography, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    Im trying to get a group based on real war pictures up and going. A place for those who want to see war pictures. Hope u can help me get this group going. Thank u.

    Geir Bergh
  • Sofia Oliv 6y

  • Rivai Ahmad Affandi 6y

    Very sad
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