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The prison built, the key thrown in the sea

The procession needs a witness. Please help tell this story, or at least help me tell this story.


And yes, that is really a street full of blood.



"Innocent Palestinian people are being treated like animals, with the presumption that they are guilty of some crime. ... The additional restraints imposed on the new government are a planned and deliberate catastrophe for the citizens of the occupied territories, in hopes that Hamas will yield to the economic pressure." --former US President Jimmy Carter, May 2006


There is still no other way of stopping Israel than besides boycott, divestment and sanctions. We should all support it clearly, openly, unconditionally, regardless of what the gurus of our world tell us about the efficiency or raison d'etre of such actions. The UN would not intervene in Gaza as it does in Africa; the Nobel peace laureates would not enlist to its defense as they do for causes in Southeast Asia. The numbers of people killed there are not staggering as far as other calamities are concerned, and it is not a new story -- it is dangerously old and troubling. The only soft point of this killing machine is its oxygen lines to 'western' civilization and public opinion. It is still possible to puncture them and make it at least more difficult for the Israelis to implement their future strategy of eliminating the Palestinian people either by cleansing them in the West Bank or genociding them in the Gaza Strip. --Ilan Pappe, "Palestine 2007: Genocide in Gaza, Ethnic Cleansing in the West Bank", University of Haifa, January 11, 2007


The last hope of halting Israel’s steady ghettoization of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and calculated destruction of the Palestinian economy is the imposition of sanctions against Israel, especially the revoking of the $9 billion in U.S. loan guarantees. If we allow Israel to complete its massive $2-billion project to ring Palestinians in militarized, pod-like encampments in Gaza and the West Bank with security barriers, walls and electric fences, we will condemn Israel and the Palestinians to endless cycles of violence that could ultimately, given the mounting rage and despair that grip the Middle East, doom the Jewish state.

--Chris Hedges, former bureau chief of the New York Times, November 20, 2006


'The procession needs a witness' On Black


ORIGINAL PHOTO: Wesam Saleh, Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip, November 8, 2006


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Taken on January 13, 2007