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Meanwhile, in Israel | by AnomalousNYC
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Meanwhile, in Israel

While Israelis bask on the beaches in Tel Aviv, cleanup crews from across the world are rushing to Lebanon, where two days of calculated Israeli attacks on the Jiyyeh power station dumped 30,000 - 50,000 TONS of heavy crude oil onto the Lebanese coastline. This was a deliberately planned environmental catstrophe, and like virtually all Israeli attacks, a criminal collective punishment of an entire people, a strike against the entire civilian population and civil economic infrastructure of a state rather than action against "terrorists."


It was apparently hoped that a massive oil spill would destroy Lebanon's economy by causing long-term damage to the Lebanese tourist and fishing industries. To date, Israeli hostilities have prevented any significant clean-up efforts from being launched, exacerbating the environmental impact as the oil begins to degrade. Each day that passes increases the future impact of the spill, as the oil will eventually begin to sink to the seafloor, forming permanent toxic deposits which will cause massive marine die-offs and extinctions, as well as cancer and premature deaths in humans as the toxins pass up the food chain. Beirut's mayor explained that although cleanup crews have arrived from Kuwait, they are unable to begin work. "We have no access to Lebanon territorial waters,” Sarraf said. “This means that we are already 10 days delayed and in terms of oil pollution, 10 days is a century.”


As of today, August 19, cleanup has only just begun. The Lebanon Daily Star reports that 100 tons of crude oil have been recovered - out of a slick containing tens of thousands of tons.


The massive oil slick has now covered 124 miles of the Lebanese and Syrian coast. It continues to spread north along prevailing currents. Cyprus and Turkey anticipate that they will be impacted.


While Israelis hit the beach, the rest of the world scrambles to contain the damage of Israel's environmental terrorism - the worst environmental catastrophe in the history of the Mediterranean.


First satellite images show Lebanese oil spill on Syrian coast


Pics from the beach in Beirut


Titanic struggle to clean Beirut's beaches of oil


Lebanese oil slick "worst environmental disaster" in mediterranean


Massive oil spill an environmental catastrophe


Oil spill adds ecological crisis to Lebanon's agony


Cleanup crews recover some of massive Lebanon oil spill


ORIGINAL PHOTO: Yoaw Lemmer, Tel Aviv, August 21, 2006



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Taken on August 21, 2006