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Thought this was quite a cute photo of the teeny Northern Pygmy-owl : ) Facing away from me on a distant tree, it suddenly heard a dog bark on a nearby path. Taken on February 21st in Fish Creek Park at Bebo Grove. Don't you just love that little, white speckled head?


Major sorting and tidying needs to be done in my home as everyone's upstairs windows are supposed to be replaced this year. I don't know which building they will start at, but usually mine seems to be the first one when major repair work is done. No idea when they are likely to start on this, but I don't want to be "caught out" on this. Everyone's gas bill will go down, that's for sure, as our windows are basically sheets of loose glass that shift with all the traffic vibrations and leave gaps for icy blasts to come through - the plastic (?) strips that are supposed to be firmly attached to two sides of each pane have come off and make opening a window even just an inch or two very difficult or impossible. Everyone has been complaining about these windows for at least 12 years!! I have managed to avoid having anyone into my place the last few years, but now it has all caught up with me! I have no choice but to catch up on at least some of the things that I just haven't been able to cope with the last few years. Also, in very roughly two-three months' time, "several large boxes" of things that belonged to my parents and my brother will also be arriving from England. Hopefully by then, I will have been able to clear enough space in my basement to put these, but at the moment I can barely even set foot in it, literally, lol. I'm beginning to feel a very unpleasant sense of panic. Where is that magic wand when you need it??

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Taken on February 21, 2011