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Eyelash fungus / Scutellinia scutellata | by annkelliott
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Eyelash fungus / Scutellinia scutellata

This is the tiniest fungus you can imagine - you might just notice teeny spots of orange on a decaying log in the forest, which might turn out to be these, with their ring of " hairs". Saw this one at Brown-Lowery Provincial Park, south west of the city, on 5th August.


"Scutellinia scutellata, commonly known as the eyelash cup, the Molly eye-winker, the scarlet elf cap, the eyelash fungus or the eyelash pixie cup, is a small saprophytic fungus of the genus Scutellinia. It is the type species of Scutellinia, as well as being the most common and widespread. The fruiting bodies are small red cups with distinct long, dark hairs or "eyelashes". These eyelashes are the most distinctive feature and are easily visible with a magnifying glass. The species is common in North America and Europe, and has been recorded on every continent. S. scutellata is found on rotting wood and in other damp habitats, typically growing in small groups, sometimes forming clusters. It is sometimes described as inedible, but its small size means it is not suitable for culinary use. Despite this, it is popular among mushroom hunters due to its unusual "eyelash" hairs, making it memorable and easy to identify." From Wikipedia.

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Taken on August 5, 2010