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Dvelur í dölum

dís forvitin,

Yggdrasils frá

aski hnigin;

álfa ættar

Iðunni hétu,

Ívalds eldri

yngsta barna.


Dwells in dales

the curious dís,

from Yggdrasill's

ash descended;

of elven kin,

Iðunn was her name,

youngest of Ívald's

elder children.


stanza 6 of the poem "Hrafnagaldur Óðins" (Odin's raven-spell) which can be found in the Poetic Edda. the original is in icelandic. find the whole poem with translations here


more about the norse goddess Iðunn here


E-doonn is how i pronounce it, with the "E" very short and the emphasis on "doonn". the "u" i pronounce like in "moon" and then an extra "n" as i emphasize the double-n


you can write her name as "Idunn" also if you don't have the letter "ð".


Enchanted Doll Bianca by Marina Bychkova.

porcelain, steel springs, leather lined joints, china paint, mohair.

13.5 inches or 34.29cm tall.

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Taken on July 17, 2009