Curvy Tube Map by Maxwell Roberts

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    From my London Underground Tube Diary - see a larger version here

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    1. tezzer57 83 months ago | reply

      I actually like that...

    2. jhnhtt 83 months ago | reply

      the actual scaled tube map is pretty cool as well.. wished they'd distribute it more and enable people to walk the streets between closely knitted stations..

    3. richard_of_london 83 months ago | reply

      Is this curvy tube map closer to scale ... or just sexy? (-:

    4. Sorry, my galleries are a bit of a mess just now, 83 months ago | reply

      it's just sexy

      It would be interesting to carry on and go completely art-nouveau

    5. preshaa 83 months ago | reply

      A version half way between this and jhnhtt's link would be useful. Illustrating the relative distances between stations is more helpful then purely aesthetic curves.

    6. jhnhtt 83 months ago | reply

      defo, for first time travelers it must just feel like a colourful void of unspecific distances!

    7. OwenBlacker 83 months ago | reply

      But the Beck diagram already is; this is merely a curvier version of it.

      I think it's beautifully elegant. And still nowhere near as nightmarishly confusing as that of the Paris Métro.

    8. jhnhtt 83 months ago | reply

      holey sh*t.. i bet people get lost down there for days!

    9. The Lone Beader 83 months ago | reply

      Luv it!! And, I miss London...

    10. Some nutter called Mark Grimwood 79 months ago | reply

      This actually makes more sense to me than the standard Harry Beck design.

    11. Andy Images 79 months ago | reply

      Excellent work

    12. antisyzygy 76 months ago | reply

      It's got such a beautiful rhythm, hasn't it? The classic one has become such a design icon that it's sacrosanct, but don't you think that the the tube would be just a fractionally happier place if this one were on view all the time? Thanks for posting this.

    13. swinhoe industries 75 months ago | reply

      Bah !

      this is old hat, the 'geographical tube map' has been around for years...

      Google it...

    14. Annie Mole 75 months ago | reply

      Thanks pttrsnb - This map isn't trying to be a geographical Tube Map though. I'm well aware of the geographical Tube Map and wrote about it years ago before I began the blog.

      Interestingly the link you reference doesn't acknowledge the designer of that map - Simon Clarke.

      What Max is trying to do with this map is to produce something that's eaiser on the eye than the current map. He explains in the blog post in the description of the image or in the post for Max's Curvy Tube Map version 2

    15. gbstellah 63 months ago | reply

      Why mend something that ain't broken? Beck's map works, it is popular, well-known (and copied) throughout the world

    16. tommy3lions 61 months ago | reply

      An improvement, a map that follows the actual Tube is what's needed. Nice one.

    17. RachelH_ 35 months ago | reply

      Thanks for putting this in the Londonist pool! We used it on a post today, credited and linked back.

    18. rmsoansphotography 15 months ago | reply

      Nope, prefer the Harry Beck design

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