World Metro Map by Mark Ovenden

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    From my London Underground Tube Diary - Taken from the Penguin book "Transit Maps of the World" by Mark Ovenden

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    1. traui 62 months ago | reply

      Cool fake metro, please add!

    2. suptrevor 60 months ago | reply

      this would be AMAZING if this was real.

    3. Jason Turner 56 months ago | reply

      If only ... might be a bit less hassle than flying ;-)

    4. alxflickrrr 55 months ago | reply

      Very funny ))
      Very good work!

    5. Jock? 54 months ago | reply

      Brisbane's Citytrain obviously isn't an "Urban rail system".

    6. metro thom 54 months ago | reply

      What exactly is the criteria for inclusion? Edinburgh would only seem to qualify because it is currently building a tram system. But Leipzig, for example, has many trams and is not included.

    7. Globe199 54 months ago | reply

      Minneapolis is west of Chicago, not east.

    8. kamlan 53 months ago | reply

      pretty cool. :)

    9. nlnnet 52 months ago | reply

      Thanks for allowing this to be used on a CC licence. I have used it in my blog:


      Brian -

    10. lovemark2008 52 months ago | reply

      Hi everyone, it's Mark Ovenden here, creator of the map you've been chatting about above :-)

      Here's some background and copyright info:

      The diagram was made for a book about subway/metro/transit map design.

      UK hardback 2003/5:
      First version in Dutch:,-M.,-Metrokaarten-van-de-were...
      Most recent American edition (paperback):

      It is also available as a poster:

      And as a 'Travel Journal':

      The reasoning behind it was to include all the cities that were mentioned in the book. This included full heavy Metro systems, a handful of more S-Bahn-like commuter systems which had metro-esque maps, hybrid light-rail/light-metro's and some modern LRT systems (but NOT ALL because of space & availability of maps - hence why certain important systems like Leipzig and many 'heritage' tram systems were not included in the book OR the map). It doesn't mean that they are not good systems, it was simply a practical issue!

      We are currently preparing a revised edition which will no doubt have more pages and a wider spec - and that will undoubtedly mean a new map, on which I will try to include all the systems mentioned above :-)

      In terms of copyright, though I own the original idea, we were exceptionally honored to be given permission to use the official Transport For London font (New Johnston), and permitted to make a map which closely resembles the London Underground diagram (colours/station markers, shape, interchange markers etc) - only a tiny handful of these have been permitted so far for example Simon Pattersons wonderful "Great Bear". We were also fortunate that Alan Foale who works at LS London and is the person who currently updates the official Tube map for TfL was kind enough to take my scrappy design and make it look like this map does!

      If you are going to post this map on your blog I cannot see any problem with that provided you explain what the map is and where it's from (ie "Taken from the Penguin book "Transit Maps of the World" "). However because it is copyrighted you cannot use it to profit from (ie to print copies on a t-shirt and sell them down the market/on ebay etc).

      Anyway hope that clears it up and do feel free to add more suggestions and/or contact me directly via the website:

      Cheers map-lovers :-)

    11. letsgoskatepool 50 months ago | reply

      Thanks mister, I would love an updated version. You may want to switch Minneapolis and Chicago on it!

    12. Pablo west Photos [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      the connected world cool :)

    13. welovemaps 48 months ago | reply

      This is a great map, and we are planning to include it in our new blog for schools/teachers

      Do you know if there is a copy of the iconic London tube map that can be used in a similar way?

    14. Mosaic770 47 months ago | reply

      I love Mark's book (I have both editions) and this fantasy map. I'm delighted to learn it's available at the Transport Museum shop in London and I'll be sure to get it next time I'm there!

    15. Stephen Rees 35 months ago | reply

      OK for your revised addition please note that the blue line should extend from Seattle to Vancouver, and that Pittsburgh is NOT between Baltimore and Washington

    16. mbruck77 31 months ago | reply

      The map places Frankfurt between Nürnberg and Munich. In reality Nürnberg is between Frankfurt and Munich (Wikipedia).

    17. Oeiras Commute 17 months ago | reply

      Great map, congratulations! Optimum reading of Lisbon's strategic location on the Atlantic forespringing to both North & South America and Europe's Westernmost gateway , that's the spirit!

    18. EyeonEarth 17 months ago | reply

      It's a small world after all. We've shared it on our Facebook timeline:!/pag...

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