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    i feel like doing a 10 facts thing since i've been tagged so many times.

    1. my boyfriend got this book for me for valentine's day and a bouquet of flowers<3
    they have these awesome covers on some books at anthropologie and i want a whole collection of them! haha
    2. next thursday is going to the best day ever for me. no tests and it's pay day.
    3. i'm hoping to get my disney pass by next weekend! i'm so excited! and we're gonna go for my boyfriend's birthday! he's gonna get one with me haha. i've realized my boyfriend's birthday is also our upcoming 2 month!
    4. i'm jealous all my friends are turning 21 before me and i feel like i'm holding everyone back hahaha. i'm such a baby.
    5. i've found a fantastic location near my boyfriend's house and i'm hoping to go on a photo adventure like sometime SOON.
    6. i haven't shopped in forever....and i'm still holding back. :[ walking into forever21 yesterday was torture.
    7. i want a new purse. haha
    8. i have a canker sore in my mouth and it's really annoying :[ when i wanna laugh, i feel like crying instead because pain. haa
    9. i have so many dresses in my closet now and i rarely ever get to wear them but i somehow find myself buying more dresses whenever i go shopping. ?!?!?!?
    10. i like rain when i'm inside.

    well that's all for now folks.

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    1. EvErY mOM iS sPeCiAl [deleted] 50 months ago | reply


    2. Laforge38 50 months ago | reply

      What a pretty book.

      I love the list, it sounds like you are really happy :]

    3. VictoriaLaren 50 months ago | reply

      i have a canker sore on the roof of my mouth..i feel your pain!
      hope we both get healed soon :)

    4. empress jacqueline ♛♫ 50 months ago | reply

      aww, that's so cute! what a lovely valentine's day present :)

      I love that a ton of your facts are about your boyfriend. sounds like me XD I can't help it!
      03. asljkfdjg I want to go to disneyland sooo badly! jordan got a new job so I'm hoping he'll take me sometime...haha.
      05. jealous! I need to go on another photo adventure!
      06. omg, I totally know the feeling. that was me this past weekend >< I hate not having money!
      10. same! but I HATE being outside when it rains. it's miserable!

      loved the facts, annie! :)

    5. Apesanteur 50 months ago | reply

      I love this! It's cute (:

    6. bellejune 50 months ago | reply

      i love the flower print behind this (:

    7. Penny Wong. 50 months ago | reply

      Aww, your boyfriend is so lovely! That's a pretty book (:

    8. andreaa jean 50 months ago | reply

      love tones
      this feels very vintage ^_^ i like it

    9. ains Lou 50 months ago | reply

      i love the necklace

    10. shuweet. 50 months ago | reply

      Love the simplicity.

    11. heyitsstef 50 months ago | reply

      Aw, I love the cover of the book and that necklace!! :D
      10- me too :)

    12. karen jules 50 months ago | reply

      Ahh such a cute book :)

    13. heyweng 50 months ago | reply

      Everything in this photo is perfect <3

    14. amy clare. [deleted] 49 months ago | reply

      this is beautiful beyond words<333

    15. KristySummers 49 months ago | reply

      this is so beautiful
      i love the necklace :]

    16. Chenny. 47 months ago | reply

      Love the tones. The locket is so beautiful and the book!! Dresses are niceeee. I like them too! <3 Although i don't wear them often, hahah. High five ^^

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