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Every Morning | by AnnuskA  - AnnA Theodora
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Every Morning

An early morning walk around the city of São Paulo :)




I watched "The Hunger Games" this week and I fail to see how it is so huge amongst teenagers. It's an interesting scenario, there's a valid critic to the entertainment media but it's mostly just a sick and sad story.

A contest is held every year... they are on the 74th contest. Just how long exactly does it take for a country to forgive its districts or for people to realize: "You know what? This Minotaur* has had enough of our virgins, let's stop this madness!"


Also, supposedly it's in the USA after a big war and rename of the country. But there are still other countries, right? The rest of the world, you know? And the whole world would just watch that atrocity and do nothing about it? (Nuking the whole Capital comes easily to mind.)


Another thing: the whole time, everyone's telling Katniss how awesome she is, how's she's likely to win, and there's never a sense of real danger around her. You have nothing to really cheer for. (And the actress that played Katniss has obviously never been starving)


So again, can anyone explain why are the kids soooo hyped about a sad sick silly little tale?


*Just a correlation of tales where it seems the parents don't care all that much about their kids.

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Taken on March 9, 2012