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Cosmo Hotel

All the photos from this photoshoot, now on my blog




Yesterday I got a few comments and flickrmail that really angered me. So I should let you know that you can keep your hypocrite middle age moralism bs to yourself.

People saying that there is no need to show boobs, that 95% of the people commenting on my photos are men...


There has always been more men commenting on my photos, be it on a flower, landscape or glamour photo. I wonder why women don't comment on my photos, because I know there are some copying my style and ideas, also it's women who are seeing my work that are hiring me to take their photos...


There is this taboo about women shooting other women that is sad to see in this day and age. Imagine that, one woman "sexifying" another... OMG, God forbid such a disgrace. No boudoir, no glamour, no nude are allowed for female photographers! Just to make it clear, my photos are not sexified. People with wired minds are the ones who see "dirty" in everything.

It's a little silly (meaning: men don't want their ladies being shot by other men) and I take advantage of that (I gotta make my moneys!) and most women are actually more comfortable when they are photographed by another woman when they perceive a female photographer has a kind of sensibility that meets her criteria in the process of choosing a professional to take the photos.


About needing to show boob or not, there are all kinds of photos to be done, I need money and I shoot what clients want me to shoot. I am a photographer and I will share the artistic work I make, because new clients need/want to see my work...

People have their reasonings for doing this or that (ex: oh but whyyyy do a sensual half nude photoshoot? Well, some people need to do that to give themselves a boost in confidence and self-steem, who are you to think you are above them to say otherwise?), liking or disliking something. You are not all knowning and it's not in your capacity to judge anyone.


I share my photos publicly and for that I take all kinds of criticism. Fine!! People nowadays think they are entitled to give their opinions about everything and I am not particularly bothered by that, but I will not take hypocrisy nor rudeness.


No need to show this or that on photos? What there is no need of is hypocrisy, nor anyone telling me how I should take photos, you don't have the right.


And the flickrmail hating on my new series of sensual and nude photography... coming from someone that just a few weeks ago had drooled all over me with words like: "most amazing photographer on flickr", "most creative and talented in the world", "love your conceptual portraits", "so much fantasy and dreamlike qualities" "you are so sweet and gorgeous" etc etc... all of a sudden "I'm a dirty whore, with no respect for other women, who fell in the easy trap of nudity for hits."

Had I recieved all this a few years back, I would be crushed. But I know the problem is not in me, it's in the minds of trolls and frustrated envious sad little people who get oh so angry because I've not met the expectations they've created in their shallow heads.


I am completely at peace with my work and I'll not put up with people being @$$holes, those will get blocked.

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Taken on October 15, 2011