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Feral Cat | by AnnuskA  - AnnA Theodora
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Feral Cat

As some of you might already now, my new niece was just released from the hospital and she and my sister are now staying in my house. They are both doing fine. What is not so fine is Helena's fits and tantrums and whining. She is so terribly jealous of Iorrana! She's out of control and giving us a really hard time.

Victor Hugo on the other hand, fortunately, was never like this. He is very much in love with his new sister as he was with Helena.

To make things a little worse still, Helena is falling with a flu. It's hard to get her to eat or drink anything and yesterday my mother had the fantastic idea of giving her some not-so-tasty tea. She wouldn't drink it and my mother had been trying to make her to do so for almost an hour when she asked me to take care of her, because my sister needed assistance.

Very well. So I got Helena on my lap and pretended I was drinking her tea...


Me: Hmmm it's so good, see? I like it, drink a little bit


she shook her head and looked angrily at me.


Me: Hmmmm but it tastes just like chocolate! It's delicious!


She then opened her eyes wide open and grabbed the mug with both hands and gave a big gulp to it! Lol! She then gave me a stern look and put the mug back on the table.


Me: See? It doesn't taste so bad... drink a little more...


She wouldn't...


Me: oooh, but it changed the taste again! It now tastes like ice-cream! hmmmmm so gooood!


Once again, she quickly grabbed the mug and gave it a sip, got mad at me again and put the mug down again.


Me: hmmmm now it's changed again! It tastes like cookies! (she gave me a suspicious look and I added) Quick quick! Before it changes taste again!!!


She was never so eager before in grabbing the mug and give it a try! Lol! Since I was lolzing my eyes off, my mother and brother knowing the mean little brat I am sometimes came by to see what I was doing.


I said: Look, look! Check this out! Helena, drink a little more of the tea? It's good for you...


She gave me that look again, and was even more suspicious this time, if she knew the words, she'd say she had had enough of me fooling her around.


I said: Oooh, but you won't guess what it is tasting like now! It tastes just like candies! Oh, drink fast or it will change its taste back to plain tea again and you won't feel how delicious it is!


And just like magic her expression changed from angry to eager again and gave it a big sip. We all laughed heartly and she started whining and drank no more. Lol... I am so evil with my nephews! ;P




On a completely different note now, I have just posted another photo of my gastronomic adventures, comments on my blog are greatly appreciated! ;-)


Café Dual


p.s. Don't check those photos if you are hungry :P

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Taken on February 17, 2011