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The Lady of the Lake

Friday it miraculously DIDN'T RAIN!! Do you know how amazing that is? It's been over a month since we've had rain EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

I looked at the sky, there were lots of clouds, some were even rambling, but it didn't look like rain. Even if it were, I just needed to take self-portraits! I have a million ideas for photos and if I don't bring them to life, they will just vanish...


This little pond thing is the same where I shot the Watled Jacanas. It's faaaar far away... I had been eyeing those water lilies for a loooong time now. I went back to this place at least four times until they were finally open!


I didn't take all the photos I had in mind. Actually didn't take about 4 different poses I had in mind, due to the fact that I was getting increasingly annoyed by the mud in this place. And it wasn't as shallow as I had expected... This set a new level for "dirty" in the making of a self-portrait.


This is one of the last photos I took and the only one I am looking at the camera. By the end I had pushed most of the lilies away and I was hoping I'd get at least one photo I liked. There were two. This one, and another one very "Ophelia like", with lots of lilies around. One of the first photos I took.


Oh and look at that! New hair! I cut the bangs myself! :)

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Taken on February 11, 2011