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We are not the fortunate ones | by AnnuskA  - AnnA Theodora
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We are not the fortunate ones

Do you still remembeeeeeer how we used to be...

Feeling together... believe in whatever

My love has said to meeee

Both of us were dreamers... young love in the sun

Felt like my saviour... My spirit I gave you

We'd only just beguuun

Haaaaaasta Mañaaaaana Aaaaalways be miiiiiiiiiiine

Viva Foreveeeeeer... I'll be waitiiiiiiing

Everlastiiiiing... Like the suuuuun

Liiiiiive Foreeeeeever for the moooooooment

Ever searchiiiiiing for the woooooorld

Yes, I still remember every whispered word...


The Voice >> Anna, what is this? What are you singing? Is that Spice Girls?

Ann >> Huh? No, it's just that I read that they are making a musical...

The Voice >> Hm, and?

Ann >> Then... then... I started to watch the video on youtube and then... and then... I was reading this comics by Tatsuya Ishida about Fuchsia and Crimnee and then my eyes started to water non stop and there was a knot on my throat and...

The Voice >> Oh my God, woman! When was the last time you had your chocolates?

Ann >> I love Crimnee!!!! he's the best… he's so cuuuuute mimimimimi


liiiiiiiive foreeeeeveeeeerrrr...

The Voice >> Help? Help anyone? She's getting out of control here, people!!!

Ann >> for the mooooomeeeeennntttt...

The Voice >> you are an embarassement... to me, who lives inside of you, and to yourself! Lady Gaga is the only one who can dwell in the 90's and get away with it...

Ann >> like the suuuuunnnn...

The Voice >> ...

Ann >> I'll be waaaaiitiiiiiinnnggg...


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Taken on September 23, 2010