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Dreams of Love - Cupide et Psyche

I took this photo last year, I spent 6 hours at the Louvre, and didn't see 1/3 of it... there are more things to be seen there than in my entire city =P


So, next month, on June 12th, it's "Valentine's Day" in Brazil, just it's not Saint Valentines day, it's Saint Antony's day. He is said to be the saint that gets people together and marry them.

Among the zillion jillion baguillion beliefs that people widespread as unaliable truths, there's one that I find particularly hilarious.

It is as it goes: "at the very midnight of the day 11th to the 12th, a girl has to stick a brand new knife, never ever used, into the trunk of a banana tree. Then she has to pray (the entire day) for the saint, to give her a good husband. At the midnight of the 12th to the 13th day, under the moonlight (so there's better be moonlight) she'll have 3 seconds to see the name of her future husband writen in the knife's blade.

At this point, weird things can happen. If she looks in the wrong side of the blade, she won't see a thing and will think that the Saint has condemned her to a solitary life, or that she'll have to do lots of other things, praising the Saint to try to change his mind for the next year's tree love test.

Or a smart guy can go to the knife and write his own name there. When the girl checks for the name, she might be very unpleased, but the old ladies - the ones that gave her the fantastic idea of consulting the banana tree - will say it's the Saint's wish and she will have to cope. Punishment well deserved, for being so *supressed comment* for believing in such a thing."


talking about love, there's Andrea aka Kay, just because I love his pictures! =)

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Taken on May 9, 2007