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The Elf Lúthien Númenessë | by AnnuskA  - AnnA Theodora
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The Elf Lúthien Númenessë

I was actually trying to do a portrait for an idea I had for a "Queen of the Night" ps creation (that's the reason for the dark make up). Which didn't quite work because the only photo I had made the right "angry mother" face, it didn't have focus =/

So before I try that again, I should take some acting lessons first =P heheheheh


I'm uploading this because some people (you can blame this poser photo on Diego, that's all his fault!) have been complaining that they don't get to see my face much lately (as if there wasn't a megalomaniac-egocentric-self-centered me me me set full of faces of mine, but I must agree they are a bit old already ho ho)

Since I "reckon" I have better things to show than my ugly face, enjoy this one, I "think" they won't be happening much =)




My first name, Anna (full of grace - cheia de graça, falaí, é a minha cara hahahaha) is Hebraic


My second name, Theodora (God's gift - presente de Deus, aposto que tem gente que pensa: "até pareceeee") is Greek


Lúthien Númenessë is my elvish name, lol, it's based on Tolkien's work, therefore, not real, but I think it sounds cool.


Annuska is a tender way to call my name in Russian, given by a friend, Martin Arseniev, who worked with me in London.

Hjärta is heart in swedish, a nickname given to me by Frida Hoas while she was teaching me swedish at Coffee High school - GA/USA, where we studied for one year and graduated in 2001 (nowadays, I can mostly remember bad words, I wonder why that's what sticks easier in one's mind! lol)


My mother's mother ( ) is Portuguese, my grandfather was born in Transilvania (oooh, I might have vampire's blood too! =D ) when it belonged to Hungary, his mother was German.


from my father's side all I know is that the "main vein" is of Italian jews.


I was born in Brazil, on October 18th, 1982. Just like my blood line, my country is a mess.


I'm 1,70 m and 60 kg. (not that tall, not that skinny, but I'm skinnier in this photo than on all the previous ones)


I was a swimmer from the age of 6 to 22, competing in State and National competitions from 12 to 22. Swimming was my life and I miss it a lot, I had sooo much fun!

I played the piano from the age of 10 to 18. If I squeeze my brains, something might be played today... but I don't like to think of the risks ahahahha

I pretend I can speak 6 languages (portuguese and english included).



all this information is also due to many many mails I have received asking this and that =) People just couldn't "figure me" just from my photos, name and nickname.


hmmmm I was reading this again, and it totally looks like an add to a dating site! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Gosh, no! I'm fine!

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Taken on April 16, 2007