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I Really Do... | by AnnuskA  - AnnA Theodora
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I Really Do...

My brother was making fun of me because of this photo. Because the ants took about 3 hours to realise there was honey for them at the kitchen table.

He said: "Give up, Anna, the ants want only the honey they can't get on pots hahahahah"

har har har =P lol...




I was going to tell about popular beliefs of valentine's day in Brazil (that is on june 12th, and actually is Saint Anthony's day). But I'm not in the mood today... =/

I was flickring around yesterday and found my clone photo on other three streams. Some people, some time ago, had asked me permission to upload and blog photos of mine. I granted permission, my name and link to my stream were mentioned, but this time, not only they didn't ask for permission, there was one stream that actually had 5 other pictures of mine. In two of them, they were pretending THEY had taken the pictures, and in the one that had 5 photos, I was his "hot girlfriend that rides like a horse". Followed by some other nasty agravating titles and comments.

This made me feel so... STOLEN and insulted! And if you saw my answers to a certain troll on my "somebody help" photo, you know how I can make a point and the photos were deleted, actually, one of the accounts was deleted... I wish I had copied my "kind requests of removal" hehehehe

well, since I have no idea for how long this have been happening, nor how many people have done it, but surely don't want to see it happening again, I most sadly won't display all sizes anymore.




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'I Really Do..' On Black

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Taken on April 11, 2007